Thank you

“On behalf of my mother, sisters and the rest of the family I would like to say thank you for all the love, kind words and memories that have been shared with us, since yesterday but also over the past months. It has touched us deeply that Johan was such an inspiration to many of you. We would like to express our special thanks to all the doctors and medical staff who have supported us until the end.” Jordi Cruyff

The family is currently making arrangements for a private farewell to Johan as their beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Once again, we do ask you to respect the privacy of the family in these emotional and sensitive times.

We are aware that many people would like to pay tribute to and celebrate Johan’s life. We are also aware that various tributes in memory of Johan will take place and we welcome any kind of celebration in honor of his life. However, it’s important to mention that none of them are memorials organized or endorsed by the Cruyff family or Cruyff management.

In the upcoming days we will communicate via when a memorial endorsed by the family and Cruyff Management will take place.

On behalf of the family,
Cruyff Management

PS We do know and approve of the tributes organized by FC Barcelona, Ajax and KNVB. -Cruyff Management-